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Sometimes it seems unreal, but the reality of starting my own company as a means to pursue my passion and craft is truly fulfilling.

It all started many years ago when my father bought me my first toy sewing machine.  It was then when I realized what my career path would be… I was five.  When most grow up, they wish to be a lawyer or a doctor.  Do you remember the child that said, “I want to be a fashion designer?” I sure don’t.  I’ve always known that I wanted to be.

I’m glad that I toughed it out despite the nuances of, “You want to be a seamstress?” and, “I know somebody that can sew and they never went to school.” Well guess what? I did go to school for many years, ranging from Honduras to the United States. They all
provided me with a great perspective on fashion.

I’ve been blessed throughout my career having worked as a fashion designer, costume designer, costumer, and even as an instructor teaching fashion.  However, I felt that the time had come to start a new chapter in my life and Carmen’s Design was going to be it’s name.

And here I am, working very hard, believing in my product, services, and believing in myself.  It is those of you who walk around wearing something I designed or custom made that make me a success.

Thank you for your ongoing support and always remember to be true to yourself and be an individual.  You’re already a star.

Thank you!

Note from the Designer –

If you want ordinary clothing, you can go to any store. But, if you want to be unique wherever you go, wearing one of a kind garments, the answer is Carmen’s Design.

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